Porsche Engineering Working World

Porsche Engineering Working World

Porsche Engineering is a subsidiary of the automobile manufacturer Porsche and is embedded in the Volkswagen Group. The company combines the advantages of Group membership with the flexibility and agility of a smaller enterprise.

The friendly atmosphere and flat hierarchies mean simple communication and reporting structures, and create a highly personal working environment. Being a part of the Group opens up outstanding opportunities for career advancement and development in a variety of directions and positions.

Our employees regard themselves as “tinkerers”: They like to take on new challenges and are accustomed to thinking laterally – and the project landscape at Porsche Engineering extends far beyond the automotive industry. So it just might happen that one group is working on the motor and control technology for a hospital bed while another is working on optimizing crane cabins.
Boredom? Routines? Tedium? Not in the Porsche Engineering vocabulary.

Our working world is created by the individuals who work with us. Individuals who are characterized not only by outstanding technical competence, but also their openness, communicativeness and friendly demeanor. Our customers notice that, and it is what makes us so successful as a company.