Porsche - Durability Tests

Durability Tests

Durability tests can be performed on cars, motorbikes, commercial, heavy-duty and agricultural vehicles, applying industry standard tests or else according to the individual customer specifications and/or other requirements.

The following tests are carried out to gather data on vehicle durability:

  • Chassis and Powertrain durability
  • Fatigue Test
  • Tire Analysis
  • Summer Test
  • Validation Test
  • Tire Wear Test
  • EOBD

Durability tests are performed with periodical inspections such as the following:

  • Engine control unit periodical check
  • Engine oil consumption
  • Performance (max speed, acceleration through gears)
  • Temperature and pressure measurements
  • Static inspections and dynamic controls
  • Wear of tires, brake pads and discs
  • Characteristic angles on Wheel Alignment Bench
  • Clutch pedal, load vs. stroke measurement
  • Heights from ground
  • Subjective driveability based on SAE scale:
    > Engine
    > Gearbox

Tracks and Facilities

The tracks and facilities that allow performing these durability tests are: