Porsche - Homologation Tests

Homologation Tests

In cooperation with the “Ministero delle infrastrutture e dei trasporti” (Italian ministry of infrastructure and transport), NTC offers specific tests for issuing homologation approvals of:

  • Road vehicles and trailers according to Directive 70/156/CEE
  • Two and three wheeled road vehicles according to Directive 92/61/CEE
  • Agricultural or forestry tractors according to Directive 74/150/CEE

A wide range of homologation tests can be performed at the NTC.

Whole Vehicle Approval (according to Directive 2007/46/CE)

The following tests for whole vehicle approvals are performed:

  • Tires mounting (2005/11/CE)
  • Rear visibility (2005/27/CE)
  • Lighting equipment (2007/35/CE)
  • Identification of controls (94/53/CE)
  • Rear registration plate (70/222/CE)
  • Statutory plates (78/507/CE)
  • Door latches and hinges (2001/31/CE)
  • Exterior projections (2007/15/CE)
  • Towing hooks (96/64/CE)
  • Safety glasses (2001/22/CE)

After market components approval for cars and motorbikes (according to Directive 70/157/CE-2005/30/CE)

The following tests for approval of after-market components for cars and motorbikes are carried out at the NTC and partner laboratories:


  • Fatigue trials of fibrous materials in a dedicated laboratory
  • Phonometric tests on ISO 10844 Noise Track
  • Creation of technical drawings with CAD software
  • Issue of e3 homologation certificate
  • Plastic fuel tank tests

Tracks and Facilities

Homologation tests can be performed on: