Porsche - By Test Tracks & Facilities

By Test Tracks & Facilities

On a total area of 700 hectares NTC offers its customers more than 20 test tracks and facilities for various kinds of testing activities. All tracks and facilities have high standards of safety and privacy.
Please find detailed information on all tracks and facilities on the following pages:

Porsche - Car Circular Track
Car Circular Track
Porsche - Lorry Circular Track
Lorry Circular Track
Porsche - Handling Track
Handling Track
Porsche - Car Dynamic Platform
Car Dynamic Platform
Porsche - Lorry Dynamic Platform
Lorry Dynamic Platform
Porsche - Noise Track
Noise Track
Porsche - Special Pavements Track
Special Pavements Track
Porsche - Strada Bianca Off-Road “O” and “S”
Strada Bianca Off-Road “O” and “S”
Porsche - Dust & Gravel Oval
Dust & Gravel Oval
Porsche - Africa Road
Africa Road
Porsche - Cross-Country Road
Cross-Country Road
Porsche - Tire Laceration Road
Tire Laceration Road
Porsche - Curbstone Area
Curbstone Area
Porsche - Low Friction Area
Low Friction Area
Porsche - Concrete Slopes
Concrete Slopes
Porsche - Rolling Track
Rolling Track
Porsche - Mud Road
Mud Road
Porsche - Reverse Gear Track
Reverse Gear Track
Porsche - Testing Facilities
Testing Facilities