Porsche - Car Circular Track

Car Circular Track

This test track is a perfect circle of 12.6 km, with different bankings and in-lane speed ranges, and a diameter of 4 km. Due to its low parabolic profile, the centrifugal force is compensated and drivers have the sensation of driving in a straight lane. These unique characteristics of the track allow high speed testing for cars and motorbikes with maximum safety.

Facts and Figures

12,600 m
4,000 m
Number of lanes
Width per lane
4 m
Lane III
  • Transversal inclination: 1°48`
  • Compensation speed: 100 km/h
Lane II
  • Transversal inclination: 4°30`
  • Compensation speed: 140 km/h
Lane I
  • Transversal inclination: 8°06`
  • Compensation speed: 193 km/h
Lane 0
  • Transversal inclination: 12°36`
  • Compensation speed: 240 km/h

Test Possibilities

The following tests can be performed on the Car Circular Track: