Porsche - Special Pavements Track

Special Pavements Track

This track offers seven kinds of different road surfaces to test vehicles over a length of 1.15 km:

  • Cobblestones
  • Twist
  • Heavy Pavé
  • Pot-Holes (positive, negative, left side and right side)
  • Long Waves
  • Washboard Road
  • Rails

Facts and Figures

Total Length
1,150 m
Total Width
4 m + 4 m
Cobblestones length
250 m
Twist length
40 m
Heavy Pavé length
375 m
Pot-Holes length
295 m
Long Waves length
100 m
Washboard Road length
110 m
Rails length
43.2 m

Test Possibilities

The following tests can be performed on the Special Pavements Track: