Porsche - Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities

Besides the wide range of test tracks, NTC also offers various kinds of testing facilities for carrying out other types of tests:

Vehicle Climatic Chamber

The Vehicle Climatic Chamber can create different climatic conditions for a wide variety of tests (cold-weather starting, glass misting, etc.).

12 m
4 m
3 m
Door Dimension
1.6 m x 2 m
Minimum temperature
- 20 ° C
Maximum temperature
+ 50 ° C
Humidity control
0 - 90 %

Fire Test Site

At the NTC Fire Test Site tests on the fire resistance of plastic fuel tanks can be carried out and can be also homologated.

The Fire Test Site allows the acquisition of temperature values with continuous test control from outside and the possibility of immediate test interruptions.

Wheel Alignment Bench

In the NTC workshop there is a wheel alignment bench available for customer testing. The Beissbarth Easy 3D test bench is equipped on a OMCN 812/3 flat lift and allows wheel alignment measurements for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 5.0 tons and 430 cm wheelbase. The crucial factor in achieving high-accuracy measurement and repeatability is the finely coordinated 3D technology with triangulation for each vehicle wheel (two cameras target one measuring board on each wheel).

Water Wades

On the premises of the NTC there are three different water wades available for water infiltration tests.

Water Wade 1
  • Length 20 m
  • Maximum depth 50 cm
Water Wade 2
  • Length 13 m
  • Maximum depth 20 cm
Water Wade 3
  • Length 18 m
  • Maximum depth 160 cm

Vehicle Balance

For the weight measurement of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, there is a vehicle balance at disposal at the NTC. The vehicle balance consists of 4 scales for each corner with a maximum capacity of 2 tons per scale.

Pergola Water Spray

On this test facility fresh or salted water (with different salt concentrations) can be sprayed on the vehicle as part of your road durability test or for analysis of water infiltrations.

Vapour Locks

A total of eleven Vapour Locks are available at the Proving Ground. Five of them are permanent and located on strategic positions close to related test tracks. Moreover there are six movable Vapour Locks available to be used on the Car Dynamic Platform.

Mobile Workshop

A mobile workshop with a mobile lift (3.2 tons), storage area, compressed air supply and other workshop equipment can be provided. The mobile workshop can be installed on demand in specific areas of the proving ground to support on-site testing activities.