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Privacy & Safety


In the field of automotive testing two factors are of utmost importance: privacy and safety. The Nardò Technical Center pays special attention to ensure the highest possible standards of both privacy and safety and operates a rigorous policy of continual improvement.

The NTC proving ground employs a highly trained team of security staff to ensure privacy for each client and project. In order to protect the center from undesired spectators there are more than ten kilometers of screening protection along the Circular Track as well as trees and other vegetation.

The Client has to communicate in advance to NTC the presence of prototypes, in order to arrange the most appropriate privacy measures.

The following regulations have been adopted to ensure privacy for all clients on our tracks and facilities:

  • Only authorized people are allowed to enter the proving ground and their access authorization is checked at the front gate.
  • All vehicles, instrumentation devices and other material are registered and checked when entering the center.
  • Any cameras or camera integrated devices are strictly prohibited on the entire site (photographic and video footage has to be registered and approved in advance).
  • All information on business activities, operations and testing carried out on the premises of NTC are kept strictly confidential.

Before being allowed into the Nardò Technical Center, each client has to agree to comply with the NTC regulations by signing a confidentiality agreement.


There are many safety measurements in place at the Nardò proving ground to ensure the highest possible levels of safety.

The tracks are secured by:

  • New Jersey barriers between the car and the industrial vehicle tracks.
  • Yellow/red/blue warning lights.
  • Alarms on the tracks, placed at strategic points.
  • Identification tags to open barriers.
  • Signals indicating speed limits near track exits or entrances.

In case of an emergency, NTC has its own well-trained team of Fire Fighters with state-of-the-art equipment for both putting out fires as well as carrying out rescue operations. For medical support there is also an on-site medical team whether for emergencies or else other medical support. Both the medical and fire fighter teams are available 24 hours per day.

Each user of the proving ground is required to attend a safety training course before accessing the test tracks and facilities. The course explains NTC proving ground rules and regulations and upon successful completion (i.e. successfully passing a written test), participants then receive the Proving Ground Usage License. The training is based on the Safety Handbook, consisting of all rules and regulations regarding privacy and safety in force at the NTC.


Download the Safety Handbook here:

Safety Handbook (PDF; 3 MB)

A short overview of the most important rules can be found in the Safety Instructions Card:

Safety Instructions Card (PDF; 0.7 MB)