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Porsche Engineering develops the vehicle of the future by the help of game enginesTools from the computer games industry prove themselves in vehicle development

Weissach/Cluj-Napoca. With the ever-increasing complexity and requirements of automated driving systems, innovative testing solutions become paramount to further vehicle development. Therefore, Porsche Engineering Romania, the local subsidiary of the global engineering services provider Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, is using game engines to recreate necessary virtual environment in order to train driver assistance systems. This reduces development time, saves costs and makes mobility safer.

The algorithms of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) need a lot of training and validation. For example, they have to learn how to detect a traffic situation at lightning speed using various sensors and react appropriately over a number of test kilometers. This would require many real test drives—and by no means every event necessary for training would occur.

“This is why we not only do real test, but also move training in the virtual world”, says Marius Mihailovici, General Manager Porsche Engineering Romania. “Using artificial intelligence and game engines, every scenario and every eventuality can be played out in this way—even those that cannot be rehearsed in real life for safety reasons; like the car in front brakes unexpectedly or an animal jumps onto the road.” Game Engines are software packages that helps designers and engineers to create digital worlds very fast and efficient.

The drives simulated by game engines have the additional advantage that they can be repeated as often as required and can be controlled down to the smallest detail. They also take less time than real ones, because what takes hours in reality can be reduced to seconds.

With these new ways of testing, also new types of developers entering the automotive industry: software developers with a gaming background and an understanding of the automotive industry are shaping the future of mobility every bit as much as AI experts and mechanical engineers. “Around each project we have a full team of different software and gaming experts involving”, adds Tudor Ziman, Senior Manager Functional Software Development at Porsche Engineering Romania. “They make sure that the systems actually do what they are supposed to do: building the future of a safer mobility.”

With the automotive industry stirring decidedly towards electric vehicles and an increased importance of advanced technologies, demand for Porsche Engineering Romania’s portfolio of services and technologies grows constantly. Especially the growth of number of projects in virtual testing, software and function development and automated driving is expected to continue further.

About Porsche Engineering Romania

Porsche Engineering Romania SRL, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH and therefore firmly integrated in the global network of Porsche Engineering, with locations in Weissach, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Wolfsburg, Leipzig (all Germany), Prague, Ostrava (both Czech Republic), Shanghai (China), Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Nardò (Italy).

Porsche Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of the sports car manufacturer Porsche AG in Stuttgart (Germany). Therefore, the work of engineers in Cluj results into improvements and innovations incorporated in the Porsche sports cars, sold all over the world.


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