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Porsche Engineering Romania continues to grow significantlyStrong growth due to high demand for new technologies

Stuttgart/Cluj-Napoca. Porsche Engineering Romania continues its substantial growth this year as a result of the increasing importance of its activities in new technologies for the vehicle of the future. The Cluj subsidiary of the global engineering services provider finished a successful year 2018 and plans to increase its starting year number of 120 employees to 200 within 2019.

”We are at a decisive point in the history of the automotive industry, where advanced technologies, software and user experience play a big part,” says Marius Mihailovici, General Manager Porsche Engineering Romania. ”We are excited to play a major role in the development of these technologies and contribute our expertise to the sports car of the future. In 2018, we worked on a couple of topics that can be seen in several product launches during this year. The things to come in 2019 are even more exciting and challenging, with major changes in the industry as for example the extensive electrification of vehicles and the application of artificial intelligence.”

Mid 2018, Porsche Engineering moved to new offices in Cluj, providing its 120 engineers with innovative workspaces that combine new trends in office environment design with the Porsche culture. ”The growth in 2018 as well as our plan for 2019 and beyond reflect the importance of our work,” says Mihailovici. ”Our responsibility for key software functions of future sports car is considerable, but so is the excitement and the satisfaction, and this is a key factor to our success in retaining talent and building a healthy organizational culture, even on a highly competitive market.”

The Porsche Engineering team in Cluj works on a variety of projects, ranging from advanced and functional software development to computer vision, machine learning, software security and autonomous driving. Many of the company’s projects and ideas have already been implemented in technologies which equip current and future Porsche cars. While Porsche Engineering is globally providing engineering services for multiple brands and clients from the automotive industry, Porsche Engineering Romania has been traditionally assigned on Porsche projects for various types of software development, from the multimedia interface to advanced driver assistant systems and autonomous driving features.

About Porsche Engineering Romania
The Cluj-Napoca subsidiary of Porsche Engineering is the sixth development location of the company, completing the overall spectrum of engineering services provided by the other locations in Weissach, Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Shanghai (China) and Nardò (Italy). The main focus of Porsche Engineering Romania lies on software and function development, however, always closely linked with the overall vehicle development.


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