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Welcome to the Nardò Technical Center

The Nardò Technical Center is one of the most important and renowned Proving Grounds in the world, a premium provider of high-performance testing and engineering services dedicated to the entire automotive industry.

With more than 700 hectares of extension and a wide variety of testing tracks and facilities, the Nardò Technical Center is able to offer comprehensive testing solutions to meet all the different customers needs, in accordance with the main trends in the automotive sector - whether it is testing on combustion engines or testing advanced systems on battery electric vehicles.

Since the foundation in 1975 to date, the characteristic feature of the Nardò Technical Center is its circular track, 12.6-kilometer long, 4 kilometers in diameter, which was completely renovated in 2019. Centrifugal force is compensated due to its variable degree of banking, giving the feeling of driving in a straight lane even at high speeds- ideal for endless testing opportunities.

Besides the impressive ring track, the Nardò Technical Center also offers many other test tracks and facilities as well as an extensive range of testing services. Our team of highly specialized engineers and technicians is indeed able to fully meet customer requirements, by providing a wide range of customized solutions for testing and development.

However it is not merely the vast range of testing possibilities that makes Nardò Technical Center a milestone in automotive history. Among its assets, there is also the unique geographical location - in Southern Italy. It guarantees a mild and sunny climate, with only a few rainy days and almost total absence of frost. Thus testing at Nardò is possible all year round.

Since 2012, the Proving Ground is part of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, the engineering service provider inside the Porsche Group, which has been offering engineering services at the highest level to all kind of clients of the automotive industry and beyond for more than 80 years now.

Thanks to the synergies with Porsche Engineering, the Nardò Technical Center combines proven testing expertise with the know-how in the complete vehicle development, thus offering a complete package of services to the entire automotive world - ranging from design and validation to the production of any kind of vehicle.