Porsche - High Speed Ring

High Speed Ring


12,600 m
4,000 m
Number of lanes
4 (+ 1 emergency lane)
Width per LaneMax. Transversal SlopeMax. Compensation Speed
Lane 04.2 m23.4 %245 km/h
Lane I3.7 m14.8 %195 km/h
Lane II3.6 m9.8 %158 km/h
Lane III3.5 m4.0% (Constant)101 km/h

The track is equipped with a new guardrail system specially developed and patented. The system consists of two box profiles with three guardrails, including one for motorcycle riders. Deformation elements inside the system ensure that the impact is absorbed at high speeds and the vehicle smoothly guided back onto the track.

This test track is a perfect circle with different bankings and in-lane speed ranges. Due to its low parabolic profile, the centrifugal force is compensated and drivers have the sensation of driving in a straight lane.

Porsche - High Speed RingPorsche - High Speed RingPorsche - High Speed Ring

These unique characteristics of the track allow high speed testing for cars and motorbikes with maximum safety.