Porsche - Dynamic Platform B

Dynamic Platform B


175 m x 150 m

18 illuminated technical laybys ensure excellent coverage for the area and extend the testing possibilities to 24-hour. Each layby is equipped with:

  • Set-up for installing RSU/Wi-Fi/Wireless, including power supply and optical fibre
  • Service tower with alternating two-phase and three-phase power
  • No. 8 RJ45 Ethernet connections
  • No. 8 racks with internal cooling system

Further infrastructure is also available, such as:

  • Modular mobile structures for various test scenarios
  • Signage systems compliant with European standards
  • Signage systems with variable messages
  • Modular boxes for use as warehouse or office

The track is completely wired and equipped with infrastructure that allows testing on connectivity, with a focus on ADAS, HAD and testing automation.

Porsche - Dynamic Platform BPorsche - Dynamic Platform BPorsche - Dynamic Platform B

An equipped office is available next to the Dynamic Platform B for connecting the instrumentation and having visibility of the tests performed on the track, always maintaining a visual contact.