Porsche - Workshops


Along with the testing facilities, the proving ground includes an extended area of fully equipped workshops to be used by customers during the course of their projects. Whether it is a short-term or long-term program, our facilities can be rented on the basis of specific requests and activity. Besides workshops, storage facilities, offices and meeting rooms are also available to round out the service range.

The facilities of the Nardò Technical Center include 12 buildings containing around forty fully equipped workshops available to our customers. There are six main types of workshops:

Workshop sizeNr. of car liftsNr. of offices
Workshop Type A90 m²1 (3-3,5 tons)1 (10 m²)
Workshop Type B120 m²1 (3,5 tons)
1 (3,2 tons)
1 (15 m²)
Workshop Type C150 m²2 (3,5 tons)2 (25m² in total)
Workshops Type D40 m²4 (3,5 tons)
1 (3,2 tons)
1 (40 m²)
Workshops Type E210 m²3 (3,5 tons)2 (70 m² in total)
Workshops Type M400 m²4 (3,5 tons)2 (70 m² in total)

Futhermore, all workshops are provided with the following equipment and services:

  • Air compressor
  • Workbenches
  • Exhaust gas extractor
  • 220-380v connections
  • Parking area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motorcycle lift (upon request)

Mobile Wokshop

As a support to the testing activities, a mobile workshop is also available. It is equipped with car lift, storage area, air compressor and other tools. The workshop can be placed upon request on specific areas of the proving ground.


Inside the workshop areas there are indipendent and fully equipped office spaces. The types of offices available have different sizes and modular configurations according to specific requirements. Futhermore, the same areas can be also set up for conferences and events.

Meeting Rooms

Our Proving Ground has several meeting rooms of different sizes provided with air conditioning, wi-fi and advanced technical equipments.

Cosy and comfotable, they are ideal to arrange corporate meetings, workshops and other business events. The configuration of the meeting rooms is also modular and customizable according to any specific requirements.

Storage facilities

Along with the workshops, our customers can avail themselves of nearby storage facilities for materials and goods.