Porsche - Philosophy and Culture

Philosophy and Culture

Tinkering, thinking laterally, thinking outside the box – in pursuit of the optimal solution, our engineers do not content themselves with conventional concepts. With motivation and dedication they break new ground and question the conventional wisdom to achieve innovative solutions that are a perfect fit with our customers' requirements. We strive for innovations and combine the pursuit with efficient engineering acumen. And we are happy to get our hands dirty whenever necessary too. Ideas are turned into reality with creativity, passion and the latest technologies and methods.

This approach to the work reflects the special Porsche Engineering corporate culture: We do not content ourselves with the quickest solution – it has to be the best one. And when the challenge proves especially demanding, we demonstrate ambition and persistence until our clients receive the desired solution – or even a bit more. When it comes to quality, we are never satisfied with the status quo. We at Porsche Engineering oblige to continuously improve our company processes. Yet our work is also characterized by a healthy pragmatism, for we always bear in mind the resources already at hand.

The medium-size of the company provides optimal conditions for the implementation of customer projects such as straightforward decision-making structures, interdisciplinary exchange between departments and efficient communication within the team. While we prize team spirit, our employees are equally used to work independently with a great sense of personal responsibility.