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Nazif Mehmet Yazici named CEO of Porsche Engineering Services North America 30.11.2023
Porsche Engineering concludes cooperation agreement with Politehnica University in Timișoara 08.11.2023
Porsche Engineering establishes US presence 30.06.2023
Nardò Technical Center establishes a new division for software development 22.06.2023
Porsche and world-record-holder Sebastian Steudtner present jointly developed surfboard 26.05.2023
Change in the Executive Board of Porsche Engineering 23.01.2023
Porsche Engineering and Vodafone Business push 5G infrastructure for the development of intelligent and connected vehicles 12.12.2022
Porsche Engineering officially opens new office in Timișoara and plans further expansion 21.11.2022
Porsche Engineering expands presence in China with new office in Beijing 31.08.2022
Nardò Technical Center: 10 years with Porsche 09.05.2022
Change in the Management Board at Porsche Engineering in China 01.04.2022
Porsche Engineering Romania strengthens employee-driven community efforts 06.12.2021
Artificial intelligence—a key technology for drive development 02.11.2021
Porsche Engineering opens second tech location in Romania 15.06.2021
Innovative by tradition: 90 years of engineering services by Porsche 23.04.2021
Porsche Engineering is developing the intelligent vehicle of the future with Game Engines 19.04.2021
Porsche Engineering Czech Republic expects a strong growth in 2021 29.03.2021
Porsche Engineering Romania continues to expand its team and service portfolio 01.02.2021
Porsche Engineering continues expansion in Ostrava 22.09.2020
Reopening of renovated test tracks at the Nardò Technical Center 12.07.2019
Peter Schäfer becomes Chairman of the Management Board of Porsche Engineering 01.07.2019
Porsche Engineering extends capacities and competencies 20.06.2019
Porsche Engineering Romania continues to grow significantly 17.05.2019
Nardò Technical Center continues to invest in development for future testing 08.02.2019
Porsche Engineering hosts chassis symposium in Shanghai 21.11.2018
Porsche Engineering opens new R&D office in Ostrava 07.11.2018
Antonio Gratis to become new Managing Director of the Nardò Technical Center 27.09.2018
Porsche Engineering Romania launches new opportunities for Master students 18.09.2018
Porsche Engineering Romania continues expansion in Cluj-Napoca 16.07.2018
Change at the top of the Nardò Technical Center 04.06.2018
Peter Schäfer joins the executive management at Porsche Engineering 01.06.2018
Porsche Engineering Romania aims to reach 120 employees in 2018 26.04.2018
Porsche Engineering started Master’s program with University of Cluj-Napoca 20.10.2017
Porsche E-Performance at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 09.10.2017
Fabio Barsotti becomes new Managing Director of the Nardò Technical Center 19.06.2017
Student competition on “Autonomous Driving” awards winners 30.05.2017
Porsche Engineering extends cooperation with Technical University in Prague 17.05.2017
Porsche Engineering Romania reaches first recruitment target 08.03.2017
Porsche Engineering announces future plans for its subsidiary in Cluj-Napoca 13.07.2016
Porsche Engineering boosts digitalization with subsidiary in Romania 15.03.2016
An anniversary dedicated entirely to vehicle testing 01.07.2015
Porsche Engineering founds subsidiary in Shanghai 10.12.2014
Porsche Engineering concludes co-operation agreement with Tongji University 14.07.2014
Porsche Engineering Corporate Film receives international Awards 16.06.2014
The Czech Technical University appreciates cooperation with Porsche Engineering 17.01.2014
Porsche Engineering takes over proving ground in Italy 11.04.2012
Tradition and innovation drive anniversary of Porsche Engineering in Prague 25.11.2011
Unusual exhibits in the Porsche museum 21.06.2011
80 years of Porsche designs 27.04.2011
Porsche Engineering: Change in Management 02.10.2009
Porsche gives awards to graduates of Czech Technical University at Prague 04.05.2009
Developer for one day 23.04.2009
Dr. Peter Schäfer and Malte Radmann appointed as Managing Directors 14.03.2008
Porsche gives awards to graduates of Prague Technical University 04.03.2008
Magna International buys Porsche Engineering Services in Troy 03.08.2006
Dr.-Ing. Miloš Polášek is new head of Porsche Engineering Services, Prague 03.08.2006
75 Years of Porsche Engineering Services 12.04.2006
“Porsche Engineering Award” presented to three graduates at TU Prague 23.02.2006
Six accolades for product designs at the “red dot award” 06.07.2005
Sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart announces the “Porsche Engineering Award” 27.06.2005
Cayenne at 1:2 scale 03.02.2005
Porsche Soapboard car lines up at the start for the first time in Germany 13.05.2004

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