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Issue 01/2024: “How the vehicle and software are merging”

Focus: The Great Fusion

Dive into the world of state-of-the-art vehicle development and discover how hard- and software are increasingly merging. The new issue of the Porsche Engineering Magazine titled “The Great Fusion” presents gripping insights in various AI applications in vehicle development, track modeling and holistic system integration. In addition, we take a close look at the concept of digital twins in battery development. Look forward to a conversation about major future trends in mobility between Dirk Lappe, CTO of Porsche Engineering and Federico Magno, Member of the Executive Board of Porsche Consulting. Follow leading experts of Porsche and Porsche Engineering in a dialogue on the technical status quo and international comparison of automated driving. A must-read for anyone interested in the fusion of vehicle and software.

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Issue 02/2023: “How data-driven and real-life methods work together”

Focus: Accelerating Development

The new issue of Porsche Engineering Magazine "Accelerating Development" is dedicated to data-driven and real-life development and validation for the intelligent and connected vehicle of the future. Gain an insight into data-driven development and the automation of test bench tests as well as international validation of vehicles and the various methods of virtual validation. You can also look forward to an interview with Dr Michael Steiner, Member of the Board of Management for Research and Development at Porsche AG, and Markus-Christian Eberl, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Engineering, who will be discussing topics such as sustainability, artificial intelligence and the new partnership between OEMs and technology service providers.

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Issue 01/2023: “Developments for the battery electric vehicle of tomorrow”

Focus: In Charge

Porsche Engineering has been involved in electromobility for 20 years. This issue is dedicated to the latest developments for the battery electric vehicle of tomorrow - from intelligent platform concepts, battery management systems to new approaches for recuperation and a wide variety of processes for testing high-voltage components. You can also look forward to the talk with Barbara Frenkel, Member of the Executive Board for Procurement at Porsche AG, and Dr. Peter Schäfer, CEO of Porsche Engineering, about the transformation of the automotive industry and the new roles of procurement and development, as well as other development topics and information from the world of Porsche.

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Issue 02/2022: “Engineering’s journey into the future“

Focus: The new era

The automotive industry is about to take a leap, driven by technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and big data. That is why it is important to build new competencies and transform processes. Engineering’s journey into the future is therefore also the focus topic of this issue of Porsche Engineering Magazine. Get insights into the adaptation of chassis development to the demands of the new era and the use of new IT technologies for measurement data evaluation to speed up processes. China is also shaping the engineering of the future, which is why Porsche Engineering is continuously expanding its local presence to develop, test and validate China-specific functions for the intelligent and connected vehicle. You can also find out how the Nardò Technical Center is committed to sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility, and look forward to more development topics and information from the world of Porsche.
The Porsche Engineering Magazine is also changing and, in addition to a new look, you can look forward to even more information on exciting technology topics with the usual depth.

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Issue 1/2022: “Smart and safe development of highly automated driving“

Focus: Getting there with confidence

Authors of science fiction stories imagine a future in which yet unknown technologies positively shape people’s lives. Engineers, too, shape the future by constantly challenging the status quo. Our supply of technology ideas is far from exhausted in the process. This issue of the Porsche Engineering Magazine looks at the latest technologies for the intelligent and connected vehicle of the future. You will gain insights into how Porsche Engineering is confidently bringing functions of highly automated driving to the finish line. Among other things, the report "Monitored safety" shows that developers are using redundancy to make highly automated driving functions safe and reliable. Their rapid development and validation can be enabled by the "JUPITER“ collaboration platform. The magazine also highlights the latest developments to speed up AI calculations or the long-standing collaboration between Porsche Engineering and Linde. You can also look forward to other exciting development topics as well as information from the world of Porsche.

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Issue 2/2021: "The path to the automotive future"

Focus: Intelligent. Connected. Digital.

For more than 90 years, engineering services by Porsche has been dedicated to the innovations of tomorrow. Today, the focus is on developing technologies for the intelligent and connected vehicle. A report on the"Big Data Loop" shows what potential artificial intelligence opens up for new driving functions and how functions can be continuously developed even after delivery. The magazine also highlights specific requirements for the car of the future in China. In addition, there are insights into new AI methods for increasing efficiency, data mining in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and e-mobility in Norway.

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Issue 1/2021: „Automotive development on the move“

Focus: Next Level

Automotive development is entering into a new phase: increasingly, digitalization is shaping the work of engineers—through the advent of innovative tools and methods as well as by enabling new vehicle functions. Nowadays, not only artificial intelligence is part of the everyday life of developers, but also technology from the field of computer games. Gain detailed insights into automotive development that is reaching the next level. You can also look forward to further exciting engineering topics in this issue.

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Issue 1/2020: “Automotive Development of the future“

Focus topic: Inside China.

China is booming. Mobility is always in a state of flux, and in hardly any other country is this more noticeable than in the Middle Kingdom. New drivetrain strategies, highly automated driving functions, and a wide range of connectivity services characterize the Chinese market. For more than 25 years, Porsche Engineering has been cultivating a partnership with Chinese companies and has accompanied the development of the automotive future in China. Gain detailed insights and learn more about a country that is helping to shape the future of mobility. You can also look forward to further exciting engineering topics in this issue.

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Issue 2/2019: “Digital Solutions“

Focus topic: Engineering in the data space.

Disruptive trends of digitalization are noticeably changing the automotive industry. With the right application they become an enormous opportunity to carry out developments more efficiently and effectively. Gain insights into how driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions can be secured with computer-generated sensor data. In addition, it will be highlighted how new apps can reliably be brought into vehicles with the help of Docker-containers. The presentation of our team from Cluj in Romania and their AI activities is another highlight in this issue. Also look forward to further exciting development topics and information from the Porsche world.

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Issue 1/2019: “Derivative and System Development”

Focus topic: From details to the big picture.

Successful derivative development has many facets: the use of state-of-the-art methods and processes. Cooperative relationships. The transfer of innovative technologies to new areas. And most importantly: a focus on details, always keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Gain exclusive insights into the derivative development of the coupé version of the powerful Porsche Cayenne.

Articles on 5G as the basis for the mobility of the future and current topics such as charging infrastructure development, technology highlights in the new Porsche 911 as well as autonomous robots exploring the moon complete this edition.

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Issue 1/2018: "Testing"

Focus topic: Putting tomorrow’s mobility to the test.

The significance of "Testing" of software and hardware through components up to the overall system increases enormously. In times of changing mobility solutions and constantly evolving drive concepts, testing is also changing. This issue highlights the different aspects of this topic and thus the changing emphasis of simulation, bench testing or the real-life trials.

In addition, employees and guest authors from various sectors of the automotive industry present technology insights into the latest topics: from charging technology and the future of e-mobility, to the perspective of new production technologies.

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Issue 1/2017: „Precise.“

Focus: Digital Solutions for the Vehicle of the Future

“Precise.” – that’s exactly how we develop digital solutions. And we always have the benefit of the user in mind. This issue takes a closer look to different aspects of the digitalization, beginning with the requirements for driver assistance systems up to automated testing procedures for connectivity enhancements. Furthermore two Porsche specialists discuss the actual degree of novelty of digital technologies in automotive development.

Moreover the article “In the fast lane” explains the development of the new cabin generation for Scania – an extraordinary development project. And with the two topics “Under one roof” as well as “Eight” also fans of the classic vehicle development get their money worth.

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Issue 2/2016: „Dynamic“

Focus: Driving Dynamics – Chassis development for today and tomorrow

Driving Dynamics have always been essential within the brand of Porsche. In the focus of this issue you get to know about how Porsche develops performance oriented chassis, how the front-axle lift system of the Porsche 911 works and how automated tests and simulated trials can increase the energy efficiency.

An interview with Dr. Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board — Research and Development, and Malte Radmann, General Manager of Porsche Engineering, reveals interesting facts about technology, future and tradition of sports car development and engineering services by Porsche. Furthermore, you can look forward to interesting reports out of the world of engineering.

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Issue 1/2016: „e-technology“

Focus: e-technology

With e-technology we shape the future. Our focus offers insights into technologies and concepts concerning the electromobility of tomorrow. Learn more about opportunities of new charging technologies or inform yourself about the simulation of the electrified powertrain within the scope of modern vehicle development.

Furthermore we report on other engineering-topics like the development process and potential of an optimized, variable valve drive. An informative and exciting reading is guaranteed.

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Issue 2/2015: „Fresh Wind“

Focus: Aerodynamics Development of the Future

Aerodynamics Development is of special importance within the scope of vehicle development and will also be in future. Why the early phase brings particular potential for the vehicle development process is underlined in the article “Early and efficient”. In terms of a portrait we present the aeroacoustic wind tunnel and in talks with Porsche experts you get to know their views on the said theme.

With the term “Electric. Efficient. Emotional.”, Dirk Lappe, Technical Director of Porsche Engineering, is summarizing future mobility concepts, digitization as well as electric driving pleasure. These themes and even more exciting engineering-topics are presented in this issue.

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Issue 1/2015: "Engineered To The End"

Focus: Comprehensive Vehicle Development

How we do vehicle development as an engineering services provider of Porsche? Comprehensively. In the focus of this issue we describe our extensive range of services which includes all sections including pre- and post-processes as well as supporting services.

A highlight: The special issue “40 years of future-oriented testing” on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Nardò Technical Center.

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Issue 2/2014: "Intelligent Thermal Management"

Focus: Thermal Management – Insight into new solutions

The efficient interplay between component protection, comfort and emissions reduction is essential within thermal management. Learn more.

Moreover in this issue: background information about the battery development for Le Mans as well as a summary of record drives on the Nardò ring track.

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Issue 1/2014: "A Colorful Mix"

Focus: Powertrains of the future

“Identified”, “optimized”, “electrified” – we bring together theoretical knowledge about electric motors, simulation of optimal electric motors and respective testing in practice.

Read additionally how we have optimized Terex crane cabins and get an insight into the extensive development process of Porsche Car Connect.

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Issue 1/2013: "Multifaceted"

Focus: Engine development for the future

By means of downsizing we reach fuel saving without any lack of performance and during practical testing engines undergo endurance testing.

An article about the cooperation with Scania illustrates how experience and findings out of the sports car development can be meaningful for commercial vehicles. Additionally you can learn more about latest developments in the area of aerodynamics and thermal management as well as rapid control prototyping.

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Issue 2/2012: "Nardò"

Focus: Speeding up on the test track in southern Italy

This issue provides details about the unique proving ground in Nardò, Southern Italy, and shows how Porsche Engineering’s range of services is hereby extended.

Gain insights into the cooperation of Linde Material Handling and Porsche Engineering which has been existing for more than 30 years. Latest developments in the fields of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), prototype controllers and the safety standard ISO 26262 are also recommended topics.

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Issue 1/2012: "Shift into Gear for the Future"

Special competencies and equipment for special service: Be it a 300 kW source / drain high-voltage and thermodynamics test stand, a clutch robot or holistic thermal management concepts – Porsche Engineering is offering innovative solutions for individual customer requirements. The vehicle portrait in this issue: The new Porsche 911.

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