Porsche - Supporting Services

Supporting Services

Porsche Engineering can provide continuous support in any development project with comprehensive expertise in the fields of project management, production planning, series support, change management, FMEA and functional safety, as well as information systems. Through these activities, we ensure that the development processes integrate smoothly into your existing processes and systems, facilitating the successful and cost-optimized transformation of the idea into a product.

Porsche - Project Management

Project Management

Notwithstanding our obsession with detail, we always have the big picture in view. With services such as scheduling, cost controlling and quality methods, we create the ideal conditions for every customer project.

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Porsche - Procurement and Supplier Management

Procurement and Supplier Management

The success of a project does not depend solely on the quality of the development. With our series development background, we know what is important when it comes to selecting partners and suppliers. And we put that experience at your disposal.

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Porsche - Production Planning

Production Planning

We are known for tinkering and development. But as a sports-car manufacturer, we are also highly capable when it comes to planning, controlling and managing production. And working out innovative concepts.

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Porsche - Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning

If you want to optimize a product, you are well advised to do the same with logistics. A development only serves your purposes if it is optimally integrated in all processes. That is what we understand as top performance in engineering services.

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Porsche - Launch Management and Series Support

Launch Management and Series Support

Only when a development can be seamlessly integrated into series production have we done our job properly.

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Porsche - Change Management

Change Management

Sometimes, good is just not good enough. To design perfect products, adjustments are often necessary. Porsche Engineering has the skills to implement and document changes in a controlled manner.

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Porsche - FMEA & Functional Safety

FMEA & Functional Safety

With failure mode and effects analysis, Porsche Engineering has an ideal instrument with which to check the product creation process and the design of the manufacturing and assembly processes.

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Porsche - Sales and After-Sales Planning

Sales and After-Sales Planning

We share our sales and after-sales expertise with our clients.

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Porsche - Tolerance Management

Tolerance Management

In vehicle development, tolerance management is used as a preventive quality assurance method to ensure fulfillment of visual and functional requirements. Benefit from our experience.

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Porsche - Weight Management

Weight Management

For efficiency, consumption and agility, a vehicle's weight plays a decisive role. Let us help you achieve, control and optimize your weight objectives.

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Porsche - Information Systems

Information Systems

With ever-increasing data volumes, maintaining an overview is essential. Without efficient data management, this is no easy task. Let us advise you.

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Porsche - Legal Regulations

Legal Regulations

Developments do not simply need to fulfill technical requirements and functional demands, but also comply with legal regulations. We support you in ensuring full compliance.

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Porsche - Approval Management

Approval Management

Drawing on our experience in series development, we can handle approval management for you – regardless of where you are in the development process.

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