Porsche - Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Porsche - Complete Vehicle

Complete Vehicle

In the complete vehicle category, our engineers focus on cross-sectional and complete vehicle scopes. This includes package creation, the prototype process chain from planning to production and testing of the vehicles, end-to-end process responsibility for acoustics and vibration, aerodynamics and thermal management as well as the development quality, overall vehicle management and trials and complete vehicle test bench operations.

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Porsche - Vehicle Body

Vehicle Body

The demands of vehicle body development have risen sharply in recent years. The vehicle body experts at Porsche Engineering confront these challenges with innovative solutions in the categories exterior, interior, vehicle safety and surface development – throughout the entire development process: from concept and design to simulation and testing and ultimately series production maturity. And that well beyond the sports-car segment.

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Porsche - Electrics and Electronics

Electrics and Electronics

The networking capabilities in vehicles today are highly complex, and the electrics/electronics category has become one of the key technologies in vehicles. The interconnectedness of the control devices and functions in the vehicles give rise to complex systems with the highest requirements in terms of development methodology, software assurance, data management and diagnostics. Porsche Engineering gives you the option of covering the categories of electronic system, software and hardware development along the entire development chain with a single partner.

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Porsche - Chassis


Porsche vehicles are known for their outstanding driving dynamics. Porsche Engineering puts its experience from sports-car development at your disposal. Apart from handling, fuel economy and comfort, driving pleasure and safety are always a key concern. Porsche Engineering supports you in the development of complete chassis including all components, such as steering, brakes, damper or control systems, wheels, tires, pedals and axle or engine components. From concept to series production.

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Porsche - Powertrain


Whether conventional, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric: Porsche Engineering develops all types of drive technologies – and well beyond the world of sports cars. Scarcely any field of automotive technology today is generating as many important innovations as powertrain development. Each new product brings in new levels of power, scope of application and complexity. With our experience from the world of sports-car development, we can develop individual components or even complete powertrain systems for you and bring them to production maturity.

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