Porsche - Electrics and Electronics

Electrics and Electronics

The networking capabilities in vehicles today are highly complex, and the electrics/electronics category has become one of the key technologies in vehicles. The interconnectedness of the control devices and functions in the vehicles give rise to complex systems with the highest requirements in terms of development methodology, software assurance, data management and diagnostics. Porsche Engineering gives you the option of covering the categories of electronic system, software and hardware development along the entire development chain with a single partner.

Porsche - Electronic Architecture and Design

Electronic Architecture and Design

Electrics and electronics are critical technologies in today's cars. The engineers at Porsche Engineering therefore offer key competences in the field of electronic architecture and design.

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Porsche - Power Electronics for the Electric Drive Powertrain

Power Electronics for the Electric Drive Powertrain

In the development of electric powertrains, particular attention must be paid to the required electric components. As a development services provider for groundbreaking mobility, we have the requisite expertise.

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Porsche - Vehicle Electronics

Vehicle Electronics

All electrical systems in a vehicle are interconnected. As a car developer, we know about these interactive effects. That enables us to create optimal solutions and support you in every phase of development.

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Porsche - Infotainment, Multimedia and Connected Car

Infotainment, Multimedia and Connected Car

Many innovative technologies will change the mobility of tomorrow – whether online services, E-Performance software or vehicle tracking systems. Porsche Engineering has the expertise.

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Porsche - Driver Assistance Systems

Driver Assistance Systems

Whether lane change assistant, traffic sign recognition or traffic jam assistant – modern driver assistance systems support the driver and make traffic safer. The engineers of Porsche Engineering can develop the right system for you as well.

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Porsche - Control Device Topology

Control Device Topology

As a comprehensive engineering services provider, we also offer premium-quality customer developments in the field of control device topology. Learn more about our services in this field.

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Porsche - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Porsche Engineering has its own center for electromagnetic compatibility and the expertise to conduct testing for a vast range of industries and products.

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Porsche -  Software and Function Development

Software and Function Development

Software is an essential part of modern vehicles. So Porsche Engineering has specialized in the development of high-voltage battery management systems, among other capabilities.

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Porsche - Functional Safety Under ISO 26262

Functional Safety Under ISO 26262

Safety and occupant protection should always be ensured in any vehicle. The ISO standard ISO 26262 is a method of securing the functionality of developments. Learn more.

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