Porsche - Software and Function Development

Software and Function Development

Nowadays software is a very important part of a vehicle and controls all critical functions and processes. Beginning with the control of chassis systems, to modern hybrid drives and all the comfort electronics, software plays a crucial role throughout the vehicle. No complex system in a vehicle today is possible without software.

Our areas of expertise are the development of HV battery management systems up to 1000 volts, for which we also develop the hardware in-house and apply and test on our battery test benches.

For the central control of electric and hybrid vehicles, we have a modular system that can be easily adapted to different requirements and vehicles. It is suitable both for purely electric and hybrid vehicles as well as electric vehicles with range-extenders or fuel cells.


> Model-based function development
> Embedded software development
> Rapid prototyping
> Software integration and test
> Control and regulating technology
> Series development
> HV battery management systems (hardware and software)
> Central vehicle control unit for electric and hybrid vehicles

Technology & Equipment:

> Hardware-in-the-loop test benches
> Component test benches
> Prototype construction