Porsche - Power Electronics for the Electric Drive Powertrain

Power Electronics for the Electric Drive Powertrain

Electric drive technologies have become a firmly established branch of vehicle development. Porsche Engineering develops all components for electric drive technologies – and well beyond the world of sports cars. Our standards for electric drives are high: We press ahead with reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency without compromising driving dynamics and comfort.


> Specification of the powertrain for electric and hybrid vehicles
> Function development and testing of power electronics
> Construction of prototype vehicles
> Mechanical and electric calculation of the powertrain
> Electric motor concept, development and testing
> Measurement of battery cells and high-voltage batteries
> Development and application of battery management systems

Technology & Equipment:

> Electric motor test benches
> Battery test benches
> Cell test benches
> Thermodynamics test benches
> Test tracks
> High-voltage test bench