Porsche - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electronic components are now an essential part of most technical products. Especially in the vehicle industry, their number and complexity have risen sharply in recent years – and thus also the need for measurements of their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to avoid or eliminate electronic faults of all kinds.

Through the establishment of the EMC center, Porsche Engineering has specialized in the interplay between electronic components and the complete vehicle. The center has its own anechoic chamber and state-of-the-art measuring equipment.


> Complete vehicle

  • Interference emission and resistance measurements for complete vehicles
  • Interference analysis and determination of corrective measures for interference emissions and resistance
  • Analysis of EMC problems in the field (including on-site)
  • EMC evaluation of alternative drive technologies during driving
  • Subjective assessment of interference in the TV and radio ranges

> HF radio services and on-board systems

  • Design and positioning of antenna systems
  • Safety evaluation in the environment of magnetic and electric fields
  • Development support

> EMC engineering

  • Consulting for EMC-appropriate development
  • Interference suppression consultation incl. optimization on the board level
  • Execution of interference emissions and resistance measurements for components

> We serve clients in the automotive, medical technology and industrial sectors.

Technology & Equipment:

> Receiver for interference emission measurements
> Amplifier for interference resistance measurements of components
> Special sensors for locating interference sources
> Extensive range of interference suppression components
> ESD workstation for optimization and modification of components and control units
> Optical data link for CAN, LIN and Flexray analysis
> Analysis and evaluation using the latest software tools
> Test transmitter for simulating DVB-T and analog television signals
> Test transmitter for analog radio signals
> Anechoic chamber for vehicle and component measurements
> Passive dynamometer
> Provision and disposal of media
> Air conditioning
> Exhaust gas removal for measurements during operation