Porsche - Our Core Competences

Our Core Competences

Porsche - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) / Vehicle Development

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) / Vehicle Development

Thanks to our direct connection to the series manufacturer and a great deal of project experience, Porsche Engineering has all the capabilities and expertise of an OEM. We can cover the entire product creation process across all technical disciplines, including development support activities for series production.

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Porsche - E-Performance


Ever since Ferdinand Porsche's pioneering “Lohner-Porsche” and “Semper Vivus” projects in 1900, E-Performance has been an integral part of our development expertise. Porsche Engineering has put its experience in the field of E-Performance to the test in a variety of applications and will continue to develop solutions that unite sustainability and performance.

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Porsche - CO2 Reduction

CO2 Reduction

Achieving reduced fuel consumption without compromising top performance and efficiency – Porsche Engineering has many years of experience in the field of CO2 reduction. From reducing engine displacement through downsizing, to the themes of lightweight construction and innovative aerodynamics concepts, and finally to fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles: Porsche Engineering offers clients groundbreaking technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Porsche - Testing


Whether on the test benches in Weissach and Bietigheim-Bissingen or the test track at the Nardò Technical Center: We test and optimize your developments reliably, professionally for functionality, economy and efficiency and with total commitment to preserving the confidentiality of your customer and brand identities.

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Porsche - Non-Automotive


Porsche Engineering's development expertise is not limited to the automotive sector. From the concepts of individual components to the planning and execution of complete vehicle developments, our engineering experience transfers to other industries, whether forklifts, crane cabins, water sports equipment or outdoor barbecues.

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