Porsche - E-Performance


Fuel consumption* Panamera S E-Hybrid (combined): 3,1 l/100km; CO2 emissions* (combined): 71 g/km; Energy consumption: 16.2 kWh / 100 km.

Porsche has a strong tradition of developing groundbreaking technologies: Ever since Ferdinand Porsche's pioneering “Lohner-Porsche” and “Semper Vivus” projects in 1900, E-Performance has been an integral part of our core competences.

Thanks to our engineers' characteristic “tinkerer's gene” and their innovative ideas, we offer our clients unconventional concepts for electric drive technologies that unite reduced fuel consumption and performance. Developments, in other words, that are fit for the future. And that goes well beyond the automotive industry.

Our experience in the field of E-Performance has a long and wide-ranging history. Whether it is the research project for a fully electric Porsche Boxster E, the battery management system for a water sports device, electric motor testing, concepts for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles or the battery development for the Le Mans race car 919 Hybrid: We dedicate ourselves to each project with the same drive to extract the ultimate in efficiency and performance.