Porsche - Powertrain


Whether conventional, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric: Porsche Engineering develops all types of drive technologies – and well beyond the world of sports cars. Scarcely any field of automotive technology today is generating as many important innovations as powertrain development. Each new product brings in new levels of power, scope of application and complexity. With our experience from the world of sports car development, we can develop individual components or even complete powertrain systems for you and bring them to production maturity.

Porsche - Conventional Powertrains

Conventional Powertrains

Thanks to our connection to the sports car manufacturer Porsche, we develop conventional powertrains for the highest efficiency and performance. True Porsche engines. And not only for sports cars.

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Porsche - Electric Powertrains

Electric Powertrains

Whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric: Porsche Engineering's many years of experience in the field of electric mobility result in electric powertrains that unite sustainability and performance – powertrains that are ready for the future.

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Porsche - Transmission and Drivetrain

Transmission and Drivetrain

Benefit from our experience from the world of sports car development in the field of transmissions and drivetrains as well. From concept, construction and simulation to testing and production, we support you in every phase of the transmission and drivetrain development process.

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