Porsche - Transmission and Drivetrain

Transmission and Drivetrain

Are you planning a new development or a modification? Do you need a new manual transmission, adaptation of an existing transmission to another powertrain or a concept for a double-clutch transmission? We are at your service. For the development and application of electronic controls, too.

Porsche Engineering offers you the expertise of a complete vehicle developer with innovative transmission concepts for all vehicles ─ not just sports cars.


> Manual transmissions
> Double-clutch transmissions
> Torque converter transmission
> Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT/IVT)
> Axle drive, all-wheel/lock technology (on-/off-road)
> Control and regulating systems: design and application of driving and shifting strategy as well as drivability
> Transmission and operating concepts
> Lightweight construction and cost optimization
> Gear design and optimization (component robustness and acoustics)
> Efficiency and lubrication, representation RP-glass transmission
> Operating durability: complete vehicle and component testing including determination and definition of load spectrums
> Simulation and optimization of driving performance and consumption
> FE calculation for components and complete powertrain
> Creation and execution of MIL/HIL/SIL simulations
> Model-based function development
> Acoustics and vibration technology (NVH)
> Shifting simulation and optimization of complete system
> Kinematics analysis

Technology & Equipment:

> Test tracks
> Transmission workshop
> Transmission/axle and tilting test bench
> Synchronous, gearbox, clutch and lock test benches
> Shift force simulator
> Clutch robot