Porsche - Conventional Powertrains

Conventional Powertrains

It is not all about displacement, power, consumption and emissions. It is also a question of reliability, cost optimization, space and weight. Sportier, more environmentally friendly, more powerful, economical and inexpensive to produce ─ the many demands on modern engines are more contradictory than ever. Yet within these conflicts are the inherent challenges that lead to innovation.

Porsche Engineering does not confine itself exclusively to the development of sports car engine, but the skills we apply to that does flow into the development of other engines.

Need a motorcycle powertrain? Or perhaps a motor for industrial applications? We develop everything from single-cylinder units to multi-cylinder, high-performance designs. From completely new developments to new applications. As a volume manufacturer, we consider all aspects of production, large-scale or small.


> Complete engine
> Displacement changes
> Power kits
> Engine speed concepts
> Reduced emissions
> Reduced fuel consumption and lightweight construction
> Improved efficiency
> Change and adaptation of existing engine concepts (gas/diesel) in new vehicles
> Engine compartment package
> Vibration technology
> Gas cycle and mixture formation
> Water jacket
> Control and crankshaft drive
> Elastohydrodynamics
> Mixture formation and combustion simulation
> Sound design
> Cost optimization
> Classification
> Operating durability

Technology & Equipment:

> Engine test benches:

  • Component test benches
  • Engine motoring and friction power test bench
  • Small engine test benches
  • Idling test benches
  • Standard engine test benches
  • Dynamic engine test benches
  • Dynamic high-performance drivetrain test bench
  • Altitude and climatic test chamber for engine testing
  • Anechoic chamber for engine acoustic and vibration testing

> Emissions test benches:

  • Soak area with a workshop
  • Vehicle climatic pressure chamber with chassis dyno
  • Exhaust emission test benches
  • Engine test benches
  • Endurance test benches
  • Evaporation emission test benches
  • Chemo-physical laboratory
  • Fuel system workshop