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Porsche Soapboard car lines up at the start for the first time in GermanyParticipation in the international “Prix de Tacot 2004” soapbox race in Leipzig

Stuttgart/Leipzig. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, celebrated a truly special type of premier at this year’s international “13th Prix de Tricot” soapbox race on the Fockeberg in Leipzig: The Porsche Soapboard a soapbox car designed by the Porsche Engineering Group (PEG) and Porsche designers, will line up at the start of this traditional race for the first time in Germany on 16 May 2004. The Soapboard will be steered by Porsche driving instructor Arnd Stollmann, who together with four trainees and apprentices from the Porsche factory in Leipzig form the team of the premium sports car manufacturer.

The unusual Porsche racer is an innovative three-wheeled design, which in terms of concept and appearance has little in common with more traditionally constructed soapbox cars. The Soapboard – a combination of the words “soapbox” and “surfboard” – is built using the finest high-tech materials, which have been carefully coordinated and combined. For example, the chassis is a carbon fibre monocoque. A windscreen made from vacuum-pressed acrylic ensures optimal aerodynamics by directing the air stream cleverly past the driver, who lies flat on his stomach.

The Porsche soapbox car will not take part in the competition on the Fockeberg. Siegfried Bülow, general manger of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, explains this decision: “We’re not concerned about winning, but want to enjoy ourselves. And we would like to share this fun with as many residents of Leipzig as possible.”



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