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The Czech Technical University appreciates cooperation with Porsche EngineeringPorsche Engineering CEO is awarded the Medal of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU Prague

Stuttgart/Prague. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague presented prestigious medals to Malte Radmann, CEO of the Porsche Engineering Group GmbH and Christoph Gümbel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porsche Engineering Services, s.r.o., to appreciate the commitment of Porsche Engineering to the development of the university.

The faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU in Prague, established in 1707, continues a tradition of the oldest civil technical school in Central Europe. Mechanical Engineering as an independent field of study has started there in 1864.

In 2014 the named faculty thus celebrates its 150th anniversary. Providing professional education to specialists in various fields of mechanical engineering by qualified staff and specialized research centers, the faculty is highly respected for R&D activities, its participation in international projects and successful cooperation with the industry.

Porsche Engineering has been cooperating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since 1996. The official cooperation agreement between the two parties was signed in 2001. In the same year Porsche Engineering Services, s.r.o. was founded, the Czech branch of Porsche Engineering in Prague. Porsche Engineering is supporting the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by offering vacancies for student internships and joint diploma projects. A Porsche Engineering Award is presented to talented engineers for their above-average diploma thesis. Furthermore, Porsche Engineering is cooperating closely with the university departments and research centers focusing on R&D projects for the automotive industry.

Prestigious medals were presented to Malte Radmann and Christoph Gümbel in a solemn meeting of the scientific board of the faculty on 15 January 2014. Malte Radmann was awarded a medal of honour - the Medal of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Christoph Gümbel the Medal of Prof. Hybl – which is named by a former CTU professor who contributed remarkably to the development of CTU’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Porsche Engineering Services, s.r.o. is a 100% subsidiary company of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH. Porsche Engineering Group GmbH is a 100% subsidiary company of the sports car manufacturer Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart.


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