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Porsche Engineering announces future plans for its subsidiary in Cluj-NapocaSustainable growth and launch of a Master’s program in automotive engineering

Stuttgart/Cluj. Porsche Engineering Romania is planning to grow its team up to 20 engineers in the fields of software development and traditional vehicle development by the end of 2016. The youngest subsidiary of the global engineering services provider Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, based in Weissach, plays a key role in the international network of the company.

”For our subsidiary in Cluj, we are looking for young talented software and mechanical engineers with both technical competences and soft skills”, explains Malte Radmann, managing director of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH. ”Winning candidates must be passionate about automotive engineering, eager to learn and ready to face future challenges on mobility and vehicle development to push the digitalization of the car forward.”

The company wants to get actively involved in the academic landscape of automotive engineering through establishing partnerships with the top universities in Cluj-Napoca. Porsche Engineering Romania has already entered into a long-term partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca that will result in a Master’s program in automotive engineering. Besides that, the company is also in touch with the Babes-Bolyai University.

The cooperation with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca helps the company bring its contribution to the development of the Romanian academic environment in the highly specialized automotive engineering. ”The Master’s program in particular is a big step forward for training more specialists in this industry”, says Marius Mihailovici, Location Manager Porsche Engineering Romania. ”Our partnership is definitely a win-win collaboration for all three parties. Students can benefit from our experienced engineers’ expertise, the Technical University adds a new Master’s program in its portfolio, and, last but not least, our company can recruit highly-qualified engineers, already acquainted with our working environment.”

Complimentary with the Master’s program in automotive engineering, the partnership with the Technical University, targeting both master students and bachelor students in their final year, will also provide special lectures and specific seminars held by Porsche Engineering experts. In addition to that, the best students specialized in automotive engineering will be rewarded with scholarships.

The Cluj-Napoca subsidiary of Porsche Engineering is the sixth development location of the company, completing the overall spectrum of services provided by the other locations in Weissach, Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany), Prague, Shanghai and Nardò (Italy). The main focus of Porsche Engineering Romania is set on software and function development, however, always closely linked with the overall vehicle development. The spectrum of services provided by the subsidiary in Cluj-Napoca varies from vehicle-related software and function development to further vehicle development topics like simulation and construction. The youngest Porsche Engineering subsidiary is firmly integrated in the global network of the company and the local team will be working for the same clients as the rest of the company.

About Porsche Engineering

Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, Weissach, is a premium engineering services provider for car manufacturers, the automotive parts industry and other sectors. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the sports car manufacturer Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart. In this way, Porsche Engineering combines the nature of a perfectly net-worked medium-sized company in South-Western Germany with the experience of a globally successful car manufacturer. On behalf of clients, the Porsche engineers develop a wide range of solutions – from the conception of individual components and the design of complex modules to the planning and implementation of complete developments, including production start-up management. The Nardò Technical Center in southern Italy, which has been part of Porsche since 2012, offers both the company and its customers extensive facilities for testing and conducting trials. Engineering services for external customers are a cornerstone of the Porsche identity and an important part of Porsche. However, the public knows little about this. Porsche Engineering operates according to a policy of strict confidentiality to ensure that the product strategies and brand identities of its customers are always protected with the greatest care.



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