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Porsche Engineering Romania launches new opportunities for Master studentsThe Master program at the Technical University in Cluj is further developing

Stuttgart/Cluj-Napoca. The ”Advanced Techniques in Automotive Engineering” (ATAE) Master program, established by Porsche Engineering at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, in 2017, is about to welcome a new generation of future software engineers for the automotive industry. After the proven success of the first academic year, Porsche Engineering is now announcing further learning opportunities for students, among which the introduction of the new ”Autonomous Driving Vehicles” course and of English as the main teaching language. The latter is meant to make the course even more international.

Besides providing multiple extracurricular activities, Porsche Engineering also supports the 12 top students of each class with monthly scholarships. The dissertation theses are also proposed and coordinated by Porsche Engineering, together with the Technical University professors. Starting from the university year 2018-2019, the company will also get involved in the doctorate program, for which it will suggest the topics and support post-graduate students.

Students enrolled in the ”Advanced Techniques in Automotive Engineering” Master program have several opportunities of practical training. The company organizes various working visits to the local offices in Cluj and sponsored student trips to the Porsche factory in Germany. The ATAE students also have the opportunity to get involved in internship programs and work on research projects, under the supervision of experienced engineers. Throughout the first year of the Master program, students spent over 300 internship hours within Porsche Engineering Romania and over 50 hours of practical courses, working on a large research project meant to develop a battery prototype for electric vehicles.

”We know that practical training is essential – therefore, our goal is to get students acquainted to the real practices and challenges from the working environment in the automotive software industry right from the first year of the Master program”, says Marius Mihailovici, General Manager Porsche Engineering Romania. ”Students have plenty of opportunities of improving their skills and abilities, through interesting research projects, internship programs and field trips to our premises in Cluj or to Germany. Starting this year, they will also have the opportunity to apply for internship programs at the Nardò Technical Center, the famous testing ground of Porsche Engineering in the South of Italy.”

The ATAE Master program was established within the Department of Automotive Engineering and Transports of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Currently, the Master program offers 25 places yearly for students who want to pursue a career in research and development in the field of software engineering for the automotive industry.

About Porsche Engineering Romania

Porsche Engineering Romania SRL, established in 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH and therefore firmly integrated in the global network of Porsche Engineering, with locations in Weissach, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Wolfsburg, Leipzig (all Germany), Prague, Ostrava (both Czech Republic), Shanghai (China), Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Nardò (Italy).


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