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University Students

Practice makes perfect – also the motto of Porsche Engineering. Even during your studies, we offer you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in our company, get on the road to success early in your development, and when the time is right, shift into high gear. Internships, student trainee positions and doing your thesis or dissertation with us are the three entry opportunities we offer you as a student at Porsche Engineering.


Do you want to put the theory to the test and gain valuable experience? At Porsche Engineering you will be actively involved in the day-to-day operations from the start and have the chance to demonstrate and build on your skills in independent projects as well. We place great importance on a dedicated and quality-oriented approach to work as well as a passion for developing new things.
We regularly offer internships for students of the engineering sciences in all of our technical service fields. We also offer positions for business studies graduates. There may be open positions at any of our locations. Find current postings in our Job Locator.

Job Locator

To get a comprehensive view of how the company works and actually benefit from that experience, you should take sufficient time for your internship – at least 3 months, but ideally 6 months or longer. Please apply approximately 6 months in advance.

Student Trainees

Alongside your studies, instead of an internship you can join Porsche Engineering as a student trainee and support us in our daily operations. Opportunities are available in nearly all of our departments.
We offer you individually agreed working hours, adequate remuneration and exciting working conditions. You should bring some practical skills to the table, or ideally some practical experience in terms of professional training or internships. Good teamwork and flexibility are a matter of course for you. Open student trainee positions can be found in the Job Locator.

Job Locator

Theses and Dissertations

What is an academic career without a crowning achievement? With us you can wind up your degree program in engineering or economics with a practice-oriented thesis or dissertation. It is critical that you have gained prior professional experience through internships during your studies. We also expect you to demonstrate an ability to work independently, but also as part of a team – and of course, enthusiasm for the world of engineering.
Apply for one of the topics that we are currently advertising, or come to us with a concrete proposal of your own. We will be happy to assess whether we can provide a basis for the scientific work you have in mind. You would then clarify the details with your institution and us.
Projects can start – after individual scheduling – at any time and generally last for 6 months. Please apply at least 4 months prior to your desired start date. Current openings can be found in the Job Locator.

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