Porsche - Driving Dynamics

Driving Dynamics

Driving dynamics is all about agility and driving pleasure, but also about vehicle safety and driving comfort. Porsche Engineering supports you in this area for all classes of vehicle – be it a small car, SUV or commercial vehicle. We ensure that the complete vehicle has precisely the driving characteristics that you desire.


> Assessment of driving dynamics
> Support in the definition of target values
> Analysis and assessment of handling using objective measurements on the test track, road and test bench
> Improving handling by tuning suspension, dampers, anti-roll bars, kinematics, control-arm bearings and tires
> Tire tests on dry and wet roads, or on snow and ice

Technology & Equipment:

> Extensive measuring technology such as stable platforms, measurement wheels, measurement steering wheel
> Weissach and Nardò proving grounds:

  • Circular track
  • Handling track
  • Dynamics tracks, skid pad
  • Off-road tracks
  • Gravel and dirt tracks
  • Tracks with special surfaces