Porsche - Interior


High demands are placed on quality, function, comfort and ergonomics when developing an interior. We help you to achieve this, or even more. And also to find a bit of Porsche in your interior.


> Styling assistance, package design, concept definition & development to production maturity for the following equipment modules:

  • Instrument panel and center console
  • Vehicle air conditioning
  • Greenhouse development incl. FMVSS compliance
  • Carpet insulation scopes
  • Door trims, pillar trims and door sill and luggage compartment trims
  • Complete seat systems including airbag integration

> Cockpit integration
> Layout of material concepts for lightweight construction themes
> Supplier management for interior items
> Tolerance and quality assurance
> Support for production run-up and series production

Technology & Equipment:

> Climate chambers
> Function test benches
> Prototype construction
> Material lab