Porsche - Calculation and Vehicle Safety

Calculation and Vehicle Safety

Fuel consumption* 911 Turbo (combined): 9,7 l/100km; CO2 emissions* (combined): 227 g/km.

With new ideas and solutions, we demand the absolute highest levels of safety and functionality. Every relevant aspect is exhaustively tested and optimized in the development process.


> Layout of the body structure

  • Crash calculation
  • Stiffness and rigidity calculation
  • Service life analysis

> Occupant simulation

  • Front and side load cases

> Interior

  • Occupant protection under FMVSS201u (FMH)
  • Misuse
  • Airbag deployment
  • Seat development

> Pedestrian protection
> Component development

  • Door intrusion and roof crush
  • Belt and seat anchoring
  • Crash management systems

> NVH (noise, vibration, harshness)
> Interior climate control
> Package design and component integration from the concept phase onwards
> Definition of the vehicle safety layout strategy for the fulfillment of standards worldwide
> Function development on the complete vehicle level under consideration of all critical components and systems
> Planning, coordination and execution of safety trials
> Analysis of trial and simulation for the optimization of system functions and components
> Cross-functional management of component suppliers in coordination with the involved departments

Technology & Equipment:

> Crash facility
> Crash sled facility
> Safety test benches, FMH
> Lab for the calibration of dummies