Porsche - Interdisciplinary Qualification Program international
Porsche - Interdisciplinary Qualification Program international

Interdisciplinary Qualification Program international

Great engineering needs great attributes:
Ingenious. Interconnected. International.

The Interdisciplinary Qualification Program international (IQPi) is the young talent program for future specialists and managers at Porsche Engineering. It targets young professionals who have already collected work experience and prepares them for new, challenging and responsible tasks and situations in an increasingly international work life.
As Porsche Engineering is growing internationally, so is its cross-border cooperation. The success of the company depends on people who share similar ideas and cultural values. The IQPi is an important instrument to ensure the long-term availability of qualified employees who will be the interface across locations –especially regarding the areas of virtual cooperation, remote team management, intercultural competence and international project work. Another focus of the IQPi is the development of leadership competencies of prospective specialists and managers who will be responsible for control tasks across locations.

The Project.
At the beginning of the 24-month period the participants receive a project and then work independently – from the initial concept to the final implementation. Within the team, participants work together across all disciplines and get new insights into topics that they have not been confronted with before. They gain not only interdisciplinary qualifications, but also a feeling for new processes and work fields.

The Internship.
Besides the project work, a two-week internship outside the respective field of expertise is an important part of the program in order to intensify the participant’s idea of service. A successful company requires managers who think outside of the box, and are future-oriented without losing sight of reality. The participants carry out the internships usually within a social institution.

The International Hospitation.
A foreign assignment ranging from four to six weeks is another important part of the IQPi program. Especially with respect to project work in international teams, intercultural competence is an important factor that can be gained best through international hospitation. This aspect of the program aims the participants to get an insight into other cultures as well as working habits.

The Individual Development.
Specialists and managers do not only have to be prepared to assume responsibility, they also have to face it repeatedly every day. A strong personality is an important requirement of a leadership position and is characterized by several competencies. The IQPi therefore includes a number of professional seminars, talks and workshops throughout its duration. This gives participants the opportunity to strengthen and develop their personal, methodical and social competencies.

The Mentoring Program.
During the 24 months of the program, a personal mentor will supervise every IQPi participant. The mentors provide valuable knowledge and experience because they have worked in leading positions at Porsche Engineering for many years.