Porsche - Interdisciplinary Qualification Program

Interdisciplinary Qualification Program

Master Challenges in 3 Words:
Drive, Technology, Teamwork.

The Interdisciplinary Qualification Program (IQP) is the young-employee development program for upcoming technical and managerial talent at Porsche Engineering. It is specifically designed for young professionals who have already gained some professional experience and aims to prepare participants for new, challenging responsibilities and situations in professional life.

The Project.
The main component of the 18-months development program is a project. The IQP team is independently responsible for every step of the process from the concept to implementation. Within the IQP team, participants work together in an interdisciplinary context. Due to the relatively small size of the team, each individual gains insights into new and possibly unknown fields – in the spirit of “Interdisciplinary Qualification”.

The Internship.
In addition to the project work, a two-week, off-discipline internship is an important component of the program aimed at sharpening participants' understanding of service and promoting outside-the-box thinking.

The Mentor Program.
Every IQP participant has a personal mentor for the duration of the 18-month program. As a rule, the mentor has held a leadership position with Porsche Engineering for many years and passes on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The Development.
Over the entire course of the program, in addition to the project work there are regular (interdisciplinary) technical seminars and presentations as well as workshops. These give participants a variety of ways in which to strengthen and further develop their personal, methodological and especially their social skills.