Excellent performance starts with charging. - Porsche Engineering Charging Solutions.
Excellent performance starts with charging.
Porsche Engineering Charging Solutions.
Excellent performance starts with charging. - Porsche Engineering Charging Solutions.
Excellent performance starts with charging.
Porsche Engineering Charging Solutions.

As a globally successful sports car manufacturer, the product development at Porsche focuses on the customer’s perspective. This is no different with the fast-charging system by Porsche Engineering. Progressive technical solutions and the modern Porsche Design form a unique symbiosis in this competitive environment, and generate valuable benefits for charging station providers and end users. With a portfolio of solutions which adapts to every need.

The Charging Solutions by Porsche Engineering.

Charging Solutions

Porsche Engineering offers fast-charging concepts based on a modular building block system, to meet the different requirements of the operator regarding the size of the fast-charging system, number of charging stations and vehicle throughput.

The fast-charging park

Thanks to its modular layout, the charging park system by Porsche Engineering can be tailored to the current needs of the charging park providers and can be expanded later with little expense.

The individual functional components are kept in so-called boxes which can be positioned at different locations. This enables freedom when considering the layout of the charging park.

Porsche Engineering especially valued high cost efficiency when designing the charging park system. Thanks to intelligent system architecture and progressive technology, the fast-charging parks by Porsche Engineering are extremely efficient. A total system efficiency rate of more than 95 percent means substantially lower operating costs for providers and less burden on the environment.

data sheet fast-charging park (PDF; 0.1 MB)

The components

Charging station.

  • ergonomically and functionally optimized
  • slim appearance with a modern design
  • with various positioning options, also barrier-free accessible
  • 10-inch HD touchscreen display for customer interaction

Power Box.

  • performance unit converts the alternating current from the transformer into direct current
  • powers up to two charging points with up to 350 kW¹⁾ each
  • flexible placement based on the customer’s wishes

¹⁾ Up to 475 kW technically available.

Combo Box.

  • allows the combination of cooling and power units in one box
  • powers a charging station with direct current and liquid cooling

Cooling Box.

  • central liquid cooling for charging stations and power electronics
  • with up to two internal cooling units for reliable cooling and system protection

The Charge Box

Whenever the vehicle throughput at the charging stations does not economically justify the high investment costs or the grid operator does not supply sufficient power, the Charge Box offers a fitting solution. It works using a conventional 400V supply to one- or three-phase network, which is available everywhere, and integrates all the components of the fast-charging park into a single compact unit.

Reduced to the basics. Optimized for efficiency.

So that the Charge Box can provide sufficient power output for fast-charging, it works with a battery as a buffer. This is supplied with 20 to 110kW from the mains. The box delivers a total power output of 320kW which can be shared between one or two charging stations. Thanks to the power from the mains and the built-in back-up battery, the Charge Box is able to fully charge multiple long-range electric vehicles of the next generation. Whether for your own fleet or for high charging power at small locations: the Charge Box saves money and space. Big ideas don’t have to take up a lot of space.