Porsche - Noise, Vibrations, Harshness (NVH), Acoustics

Noise, Vibrations, Harshness (NVH), Acoustics

Porsche Engineering supports customers in bringing their system up to the ideal target condition. Complete systems are evaluated, analyzed and optimized in terms of their vibrational and acoustic behavior utilizing improved components.


> Optimization of driving comfort
> Complete vehicle, engine and body acoustics
> Aeroacoustics and psychoacoustics
> Operating-durability simulations
> Traffic and cabin noise reduction
> Sound design and engineering
> Electric and hydraulic auxiliary system optimization
> Sound Design und -Engineering
> Transfer path analysis (TPA)
> Operating deflection shape analysis (ODS)
> Air-intake and exhaust noise design
> Brake noise optimization
> Weight optimization
> Insulation

Technology & Equipment:

> Anechoic noise measuring chamber
> Vibration test benches
> Acoustic camera
> Status track
> Noise measuring track