Porsche - Aerodynamics


Design fulfills not only aesthetic demands, but also stands for outstanding aerodynamics. The result of ideal form and lines: low lift forces and drag. Use our experience from sports car aerodynamics development for your project, whether for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles or other developments.


> Styling

  • Styling-oriented aerodynamics
  • Situation-oriented aerodynamics (e.g. retractable spoiler)
  • Styling-independent aerodynamics

> Performance

  • Minimization of drag
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, increased range
  • Top speed
  • Acceleration
  • Optimization of lift/downforce and lift balance (driving dynamics)
  • Cornering, braking and directional stability
  • Sidewind stability

> Comfort

  • Draft stop (convertibles, sliding roofs)
  • Freedom from odors
  • Reduction of wind noise (aeroacoustics)
  • Dirt build-up examinations

> Component forces

  • Determination, evaluation and optimization of wind loads
  • Ensuring functionality under wind loads (spoilers, convertible tops)

> Cooling and ventilation

  • Ensuring fulfillment of cooling air requirements
  • Drag coefficient-optimized engine cooling and ventilation, brake cooling
  • Optimization of engine compartment flows
  • Optimization of the position and shape of cooling air intakes

Technology & Equipment:

> Air-flow lab, climate chamber, climatic wind tunnel
> Wind tunnel (1:1)
> Model wind tunnel (1:4)
> Laser front-end measuring system