Porsche - Testing


Whether a vehicle actually exhibits the desired characteristics when in the hands of the customer is revealed in the complete vehicle test. Naturally, the preconditions for a successful complete vehicle test are positive calculation and simulation results, as well as component tests on test benches. Porsche Engineering can draw on vast experience and expertise in the field of testing, especially at the testing grounds in Nardò in southern Italy.


> Endurance run on test track to ensure operating durability
> High-load endurance run for testing engine and powertrain components
> Road endurance run in order to simulate the loads in customer-specific use
> Complete vehicle test under extreme climatic conditions in which the interaction and functioning of all vehicle components are tested (hot and cold country tests)

Technology & Equipment:

> Weissach and Nardò proving grounds:

  • Off-road tracks
  • Circular track
  • Handling track
  • Dynamics courses
  • Gravel and dirt tracks
  • Tracks with special surfaces
  • Noise measurement track, skid pad

> Road endurance testing

Core Competence Testing

Nardò Technical Center