Porsche - Model and Prototype Construction

Model and Prototype Construction

When building models and prototypes, Porsche Engineering makes use of a combination of manual skill and high technology. The reduction in processing times is guaranteed through rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and with the help of the latest facilities, assembly aids, and measuring and test equipment. The project work is done in zones that can be flexibly partitioned. Rapid results are achieved through efficient and customer-oriented process planning.

In the high-voltage (HV) prototype area, complete HV systems such as batteries and drive motors for electric and hybrid vehicles are built and tested.


> Design of model bodies and vehicles
> Installation and assembly tests
> Tuning of buildability in series production
> Tuning of repair and customer services
> Automated joining processes
> Robotic systems for joining tests
> Virtual manufacturing environment
> Set-up and testing of high-voltage systems; construction of prototype engines

Technology & Equipment:

> Light alloy test foundry
> Vacuum casting system
> Rapid prototyping technology center
> Hardware lab
> High-voltage test bench